The Worst of the Fashion Bloggers III

In previous installments of The Worst of the Fashion Bloggers, I have combed, a one-stop-shop for wannabe fashion bloggers, searching for the ridiculous and alarming. This is a site where truly amateur bloggers fight to get attention, and it encompasses all styles from Harajuku to Kim Kardashian-spandex. This time around, I tried to make a distinction between ridiculing fashion and parodying execution. I did not look for pictures with the worst sense of style, although I couldn’t help but include a couple of the truly offensive. Instead I focused on the absurd modelling and photography – the repeated attempts to take the ridiculous seriously. This way I was mocking less people’s attempts at self-expression and more their extreme self-absorption. Because only the self-absorbed could think these photos are chic. We’ll see how successful I was.


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