Hollywood’s Saddest 35 Under 35


Each year we assemble a list of Hollywood’s rising stars, from actors and screenwriters to board room mavericks! We search high and low, poling industry leaders and social media, to create a list that represents the very saddest of the sad, because together the names on this list represent the future of our industry. United by talent and ambition, Hollywood’s next generation is here and ready to seize their destiny as Hollywood’s saddest, struggling stars!

Jessica Tindelson, 26, Aspiring Actress, Temp

A native of Minnesota, it is only Jessica’s first year in Los Angeles, and she has already mastered the use of guacamole and other “green things.” Projects include finding employment and shorter phone calls with her mother. Recently she enrolled at UCB.

Big Break: Playing Maria Von Trapp in a modernized version of The Sound of Music. I rapped and everything.

I Can’t Get Through the Workday: Without crying.

Tom Catalano, 27, Aspiring Director

Tom has been “trending” ever since he moved here from Boston. He started making digital shorts with his friends, The Sneaker Gang, in the early aughts, but it was his 12 Vampires We Love To Hate video that made him viral. He can’t wait to direct his first full-length feature, an independent film he’s writing with the help of anyone who is willing to talk to him.

Thing I Wish I Knew When I First Started in Hollywood: That people are so judgy and old school, you know?

Actor I’d Cast to Play Me in My Biopic: Myself, Eminem in 8 Mile style.

Caitlin Fields, 25, Aspiring Actress, Pilates Instructor

The Connecticut native enrolled at USC as an undergraduate to study journalism, but “she’d always wanted to try acting.” The rest is history as they say. Now, when she’s not sculpting LA’s collective behinds in her popular Noon Burn class, she can be seen in that adorable Ford commercial as the “Girl in Polka-Dot Dress with Hula Hoop.”

If There Were a 25th Hour in the Day: I would spend more time with my dog, Kylie, and also on skin care. It’s sooo important to moisturize in our hot, dry climate. I tell my clients that all the time.

Quirkiest Habit: Sometimes I’ll put on one outfit, and then I’ll take it off and put on another one.

Mike Fogelman, 32, Aspiring Screenwriter, Uber Driver

A graduate of UC Santa Cruz, you may have seen Fogelman writing away at your local coffee shop. He is currently working on a Sci-Fi Romance about a very life-like female robot who seduces the protagonist, “Mike.”

Most Hollywood Thing About My Life: Tommy the cockroach. He lives in my shower.

Quirkiest Habit: I chew off all the skin around my fingernails and then eat it.

Cassandra Talbot, 28, DJ

After graduating from NYU, Cassandra moved to LA to begin a dance career, but it was her CEO dad’s suggestion that she find a part-time job that led her to answer her true calling as Los Angeles’ most limber DJ. She has over 2,000 Twitter followers!

Thing People Probably Don’t Know About Me: Sometimes I smell old books.

Most Hollywood Thing About My Life: I’m immune to Hollywood. I live my life as if I lived in Nigeria. We’re all just people.

Josh Wright, 34, Aspiring Executive, Executive Assistant

A Texas native, Josh moved to Los Angeles to become a writer, but that changed when he decided he wanted to stop taking money from his parents. Now he hopes to become a Development Executive and give other writers notes! He’s been assisting several fine Development Executives ever since. His parents are very proud, and he has health insurance!

I’m Dying to Work with: Scorsese or Spielberg.

Thing People Probably Don’t Know About Me: I hit a little girl with my car when I was sixteen and killed her.

Camille Campbell, 30, Aspiring Screenwriter, Blogger

A California native, Camille moved to Los Angeles with hopes of becoming Lucille Ball or at least Cate Blanchett. Now she focuses on screenwriting and blogging about her career frustrations. She sees a therapist regularly.

Thing I Wish I Knew When I First Started in Hollywood: I don’t know it yet, but I wish I did.

Most Hollywood Thing About My Life: The cynicism that inspired this blog post.


  1. Mergan says:

    Shut up there are way sadder people than you get OVER IT

  2. Mergan says:

    Oh hi guys! So great to see you here!!

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