The Worst of the Fashion Bloggers

I remember the good ol’ days when people got their fashion from magazines. If nothing else, those magazines were made by professionals, and they brainwashed us with the high wattage glamour that goes along with industry dominance and cultural corruption. Now, it’s the democratic age of the fashion blogger, and while that means a lot of inspiring, innovative looks from these approachable personalities – it also means some god awful photographs and fashions as everyone tries to claim the spotlight. Click below for a curated selection from a recent perusal of Lookbook, a kind of Facebook and popularity contest for fashion bloggers. The staggeringly profound titles for each look are my favorite.

Click here for Part II in this significant series.

1 Comment

  1. PaePae says:

    pumpsandpaws and skyepolkstyle both awful. just because you wear clothes does not make you a fashionista.

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