The Best of SkyMall: Summer 2013

If you’re about to go on a summer trip, maybe you should stop reading now. After all, you probably want to make these discoveries in the air. But for everyone else, here it is:


The iGrow, programmed for both men and women. Did they have to show him using the computer? It makes it look like he’s one giant machine. Maybe that’s the idea? But I wanna see what this looks like out and about on the streets. Also, note the scientific illustration. The iGrow beams your hair follicles up.


This is such a dad purchase. Mom hates it and tries to hide it by throwing a decorative blanket over it. This fails, and they fight because after all it cost $8,000!

ShoesSkyMall caters to those who fear bodies (all those braces and girdles) and disorder (all the desks and storage containers). The Shu Vee pleases both camps!

Also, I never ever want to meet Alanna from Cocoa Beach Florida. I don’t think I could handle meeting someone so close to the frontlines against foot odor.

DogGod he’s beautiful. I wonder what he sees in the distance? He’s working it hard probably because no one’s buying that that’s a dog. If it is, it’s definitely not his dog, and what is this product? You just drag your pet behind you, looking extra beautiful? I like it.

Passport“Don’t panic, babe. I have every important document we’ll need for the apocalypse or vacationing in Costa Rica! And it really shows off my trim waistline!” Actually this looks like the fashion of the future to me.

SquirrelsPurveyor of all fine squirrel goods. Somewhere over San Jose, I thought I needed the mounted squirrel head.

LampEveryone needs a sexy and stylish lamp. How else will they know you’re sexy and stylish?

Wind Surf 1This is my favorite. He’s really cutting loose. Below is a video of the sport in action. Action packed and attracts the finest athletes.

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