Characters Part 4

These are all taken from real casting notices. My commentary is in orange. Thanks to actress Jennifer Allcott for the sharp eye.

Casting Notice
Project Type: Music Video
Rate/Compensation: $100/6hrs
Message: Please submit Real Character types. Weathered, and NOT-PRETTY FACES. Booking this job is bittersweet.
Role Role Type Gender/Age/Ethnicities Description/Note
Mid Western Family Supporting Male or Female / 0 to 65 / Caucasian Real families. Mom, dad, two-three kids. Preferably boy and girl. Stereotypical mid-western family. What is stereotypical mid-western code for?
Wanna-be Models Principal Female / 20 to 30 / Caucasian Not attractive. Conceited, trashy vibe. Someone wants to humiliate beautiful people. Can’t say I blame them.

Large Woman: Caucasian, Very large woman in her 20s to 30s. She is featured in a fake banner ad for a plus-sized porn site, so she should be very large. She will be wearing lingerie and will climb on top of a really skinny guy on a bed. She will also potentially spank the skinny guy, who might be wearing an animal suit. (Hey, it’s all in good fun, right?) *WE WILL ONLY SEE A FEW PEOPLE FOR THIS ROLE IN A SESSION WITH THE DIRECTOR PRESENT ON MONDAY. What will be the deciding factor about the spanking? What kind of animal suit? Why will they only be seeing a few people? It’s all in good fun, right?

Female / Caucasian, Ethnically Ambiguous / 22-35
She is a mysterious drifter. She is passing through Reno, Nevada when she crosses paths with our lost hero. She forms a bond with him and ends up traveling with him across the country. She is bubbly, extroverted and overly energetic. She brings a youthful manic pixie dream girl playfulness to every scene she is in. She gives our lead character a breath of fresh life and a reason to live. She is blunt and sometimes crass because she doesn’t care what others think of her. She lives life in the eternal NOW without thinking about the past or future. She’s certifiably insane. She’s a sparkly stream of colorful consciousness in a world of mundane black and white. She’s a lighting bolt (a lighting bolt is the hipster version of lightening) and a force to be reckoned with despite her somewhat shaky past. An actress with an accent is desired but not necessary. Originally this role was written with someone of French decent in mind. Please be French decent as opposed to French disgusting, and also let us exoticize foreigners.
Wardrobe: Bright. Airy. Bold. Colorful. Unusual. Stands out in a crowd of many. Marches to her own drummer.
Rate: PAID – Negotiable
Sexual Situations: Some kissing with the main lead and simulated sex may occur, all in good taste. **PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT IF THIS IS SOMETHING YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH** But when you really commit to a character this uninhibited, you might find yourself pushing many sexual boundaries…Whether we decide to pay you or not is negotiable.

NUDITY: There is partial nudity in this project. You’ll be covering/holding your breasts with your hands (Basically what you’d see wearing a bikini top). Feel free to bring along a friend/boyfriend if it makes you more comfortable. Would this make you more comfortable? “Hey, I was gonna go hold my breasts with my hands. Wanna come?” SEE ADDITIONAL NOTES BELOW

FEMALE TALENT ] Should read “FEMALE BODY” You’ll be sitting in a chair while paint is poured over your upper body.(Not the head or face) It’ll be a single static shot while the paint drips down your chest. Instead of a bikini top or a Bra you’ll be covering/holding your breasts with your hands. Your hands will be like a bra, get it? Must be at least a C cup and no implants. Natural breasts only. Art is so specific and demanding. We’ll do 5 or 6 takes with different colored paint and your done. Yeah, you are.

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  1. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Many thanks for sharing!

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