Office Twitter

Executive Courtney Sharpe-Henrickson re-organizes her office furniture, so that she has more light. #goodidea!

Snack cabinet restocked! By popular demand, we did not order @MilanoCookies this time. #watchthosewaistlines.

Copy room stapler jammed. If you are guilty, please fix it.

Executive Fred Gold drinks entire case of Diet Coke while brokering the Shaunassy deal!!

@JohnMayerson29 wins the Most Decorated Cubicle Contest for his “island vacation” desk. We know what you want for Christmas/Kwanzaa and/or Hannukah.

Kitchen microwave disgusting. Temp hired to clean it. #thankgod.

Interns Josh and Tammy will clean the fridge every Friday. Your food will be thrown away unless you label it. See Helen Lee for the label maker. #seriously.

East side of the office reports freezing temperatures. West side says it’s too hot! Building claims entire floor is 72 degrees. #weirdphenomena.

Floorwarden training begins Friday March 28th in the lobby at 7:00 am. Your office is counting on you!

Mary Schlessel wishes the office be reminded that she is a coordinator and not an assistant.

Susan Thompson in accounting was the source of the office flu epidemic. #gotcha!

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