While You Were Eating

I can’t deny it. I’ve been MIA. I’m not sure what happened in December, but I suddenly felt like I didn’t have anything worth saying. This coming from someone who has blogged about her cat’s feces. Perhaps the pressure of two thousand eleven, two thousand heaven, proved too much. But then again two thousand nine, two thousand fine was a blog-worthy year. Two thousand ten doesn’t rhyme with anything, so maybe that’s why I blogged all over the place. Anyway, my blogging skills are rusty, so while I warm up (don’t want to tear a muscle), below is an itemized list of my happenings.


  • Discovery of 30 Rock on Netflix Streamable.
  • Acceptance of Liz Lemon as my avatar.
  • Papa Cristo’s Greek Restaurant on Pico and Normandie has fantastic food and is charming as hell. They have a signed poster for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so you know they’re authentic.
  • Car breaks down. Valve problems. Forced to take public transportation which is scarily easy. I vow never to look back.
  • Join a gym. Wear my Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles T-shirt to exercise.
  • In-N-Out puts calories on their menu. Doesn’t stop me.


  • Cravings for Panda Express increase.
  • Cat has his testicles removed.
  • Cat accepts offer of Valentine’s date.
  • Nutella.
  • Attempt to write a web series about crazy cat ladies and the prejudices they face. Experience difficulties orchestrating a plot.
  • Prepare myself for the Academy Awards with rigorous pizza consumption from Tomato Pie in Silver Lake. They make the best New York style pizza in LA. It is the best part of the solo viewing party.
  • My car is stolen, but then I learn it’s just been towed.

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