Proud Moments in Adulthood: Directions Are Hard

Thanks Facebook for the photo.

Becky proudly announced that she’s been using my egg test (dunk them in water–if they float they’re rotten). I was proud of us. I felt like we were making progress, and I thought Excellent Notion was part of that. Then I watched Becky do the egg test. “Hurray, they floated!”

At first I thought she was being sarcastic, but then I realized that Becky thinks that floating eggs are fresh. She got the egg test backwards. I explained to her that the eggs float when they’re filled with noxious, rotting gas. I really rained on her parade, and I was feeling a little guilty because my egg knowledge was making me feel superior.

Then she decided to eat them anyway. She confessed this was the second time she’d done the egg test backwards, and she didn’t get food poisoning before. Maybe she’s built up an immunity to rotten food. I know I have.

One of my finest moments.


  1. Becky says:

    i lived to tell the story!!

  2. marisa says:

    I’m SO proud to have one of my most beautiful portraits of you featured in this blog.

  3. Analisa says:

    Becky eating oxtail in Spain! I want to come visit you girls…and perhaps bring my own food for the trip…

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