In Development

SENSE AND SENSIBILITY as you’ve never seen it before, in 3D. The emotions will come right at you!

A family of SUPERNATURAL SURFERS battles the waves and out-of-body experiences. (Wait, that was JOHN FROM CINCINNATI on HBO.)

A group of scantily clad, materialistic and PROMISCUOUS WOMEN live it up on a vacation in the Middle East. Does Louis Vuitton make burkas? Does Burberry make body armor? (Wait, this is SEX AND THE CITY 2.)

A RASCALLY DOG with only three legs brings his family together by destroying all their belongings, teaching the family to accept a less materialistic life.

A PALE, SOCIALLY-AWKWARD BOY falls in love with a QUIRKY, MANIC HIPSTER GIRL who helps him express himself and realize his true potential. (See GARDEN STATE, ELIZABETHTOWN, ADVENTURELAND and 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.)

A WIMPY BOY really needs to lose his virginity, so his friends try to teach him how to act more masculine. In the process, a LESBIAN mistakes him for a butch female, and he keeps the ruse up in the hopes of winning her heart. (Someone steal this and go with it).

An AUTISTIC MAN sees patterns that allow him to predict the future, but can he prevent a corrupt corporation from exploiting his special power? Can the high-powered BUSINESSWOMAN in charge of recruiting him resist his innocent charms?

A famous TALK-SHOW HOST tries to make-over an entire Southern, hick town for her television show, but in the process, she learns from the locals and falls in love with a CARPENTER. (He works with his hands.)

QUEEN ELIZABETH I’s secret love child tries to reclaim her thrown, but she’s exiled to America, where she falls in love with an Indian chief and leads an Indian army against the British.

A wild COWBOY falls in love with a HOOKER who happens to be a messenger from God.

A DETECTIVE tries to solve a crime he slowly discovers he committed.

A SINGLE-MOTHER struggles to keep her teenagers in line until she rents a ZOMBIE to tame her wild brood and bring the family together.

After the apocalypse, a GROUP OF SURVIVORS fights for food and precious resources before adopting the ancient code of Chivalry and searching for the holy grail, rumored to be hidden in the ruins of the Louvre. DA VINCI CODE meets THE BOOK OF ELI.

PETE was born with the ability to see through women’s clothes, so to level the playing field, he adopts a nudist lifestyle, but will he find love?

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  1. clay says:

    zombies are big right now. go with it.

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