An Apology to Excellent Notion Nation

I have neglected my blog for quite some time, and this is mostly because I got a real job and cable. Reality TV is a frightening reality. Still I apologize. I also signed a confidentiality agreement at work, which I’m telling you only to make you think I have a lot of secrets. There are also days when I feel like I don’t have anything to say. Below is a table of contents, summarizing my life since I last blogged.

  1. A New Year and New Job: An Intern No More
  2. Interns Are Annoying
  3. Fear of the Boss
  4. The Death of Two Cats: The Tragedy No One Wants you to Mourn
  5. Acting Class: Freaks and Geeks
  6. Yoga: Bodily Functions Gone Awry
  7. Celebrity Encounters: My First Movie Premiere
  8. Thrift Store Addiction
  9. Nutella

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