Best of LA: Or What’s Making Me Smirk

Best Place to See Plastic Surgery:

BRITAIN BAFTASThe Landmark Theatre at Westwood and Pico on Friday or Saturday. Apparently, older rich couples love a movie date, and this theater is close to Bev Hills, so get ready. I’m not talking a little Botox or a couple face lifts–I’m talking about full blown Mr. Potato Head. Then they also dress to the nines in furs and heels. Is a gown necessary for the movies? Was youthful beauty these women’s entire identity? You’re not fooling anybody. I see you, and I see someone clinging to the past. Spoken like a 24 year-old.

Best Nightclub Name:

nm_plan_b_070914_msAlso on Pico, there’s a nightclub called Plan B. Their website touts it as the ultimate cocktail lounge and Go-Go club. So, basically it’s a strip club named after emergency contraception. Genius! Somehow, I doubt they would ever name it Club Condom. Now that would be educational, since condoms protect from STDs. Or maybe the name means the condom broke? Club Condom Broke.

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