True Love

What better way to depict true love than with crossstich?

What better way to depict true love than with crossstich?

The back of his head alone could drive her crazy. All quarter she willed it to turn around, so she could properly worship his crystal blue eyes and cherub lips. Finally, right before the midterm, the curly black head turned to face her. His mouth opened. “Wanna study with me?”

She couldn’t breathe, and as if she was watching a movie of this momentous occasion, she heard herself say, “Sure.” He came over around four, and just like she had hoped, he didn’t seem to want to study. The sun set around them, as they walked to the Chinese restaurant: their hands casually brushing up against each other. She knew it really was a date when he ordered for both of them. Because she was a vegetarian, she had never tried Kung Pao chicken, but she loved it. Every bite was a little taste of him. As he spilt beer on her new dress, their eyes met, and she could feel that he understood who she really was.

After she paid, they stood in the parking lot waiting for the other one to speak: each of them paralyzed by what she knew must be love. Suddenly, he picked her up and spun her around, and she physically felt what she already recognized emotionally: the world spinning around his deep blue eyes, where she saw her future unfolding. She landed on the pavement. As the ambulance came, he held her softly. “Shelter from the Storm” played from the radio of a nearby car, and he hummed along. Finally she had found her shelter.

At the hospital he held her hand the entire time, except when the nurse needed to talk to him in the next room for two hours. Luckily, he was with the nurse when the food poisoning hit her. He returned, his clothing wrinkled and out of sorts, to gather her into his arms, and even though his touch caused her extreme pain, his scent soothed her. He took her home and tucked her into bed. “You should rest,” he said as he serenaded her with his guitar. “I wrote this for you.” She watched his thin, sensitive fingers stroke the guitar, anticipating that they would one day do the same to her body. He sang, “I’ve got a gun and I’ll make you come. I swear to God I’ll make you come.” The song was for her and about her, touching a part of her she thought no one would ever uncover. Then, like a good nurse, he gave her her pain pills.

medium_mcmulletShe awoke naked, symbolic of her rebirth into a world where there was love. He was gone, but she sensed him waiting for her. She hurried to get ready for school and him, putting on her favorite gardenia perfume, wrapping some sexy lace around her cast. She took the bus, because she couldn’t find her wallet or car, but what did that matter if he was just around the corner?

The midterm was easy with him by her side. The sweet flow of his warm breath caressed her cheek, as he rubbed up against her to read her answers. She smiled and thanked God. Love really was as great as all the songs and movies promised.

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